The NMSU SAE Baja team accepts any undergrad or graduate student enrolled at the university. We openly encourage the membership of any non-engineering students, the competition consists of much more than the performance of the car. Sales pitch and presentation are vital parts of overall results. So, if you have any interest in cars and how they work, stop by the shop (south side of Jett Hall across from the Student Project Center) to get an idea of what the group is about and what you can personally contribute to the team. As a member of SAE Baja, you will not be shorted behind-the-scenes action on all of what goes into the making of an off-road machine. Manufacturing and machining, welding, mechanical assembly, and computer aided design are just a couple of many areas that you will have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience throughout the year as the car materializes out of the imagination of a special group of students on campus. You will have a hard time finding an employer that will not value the hard work you put in as the member of NMSU’s SAE Baja team.

We are nothing more here at SAE Baja than a close-knit group of friends that all share a common passion for motorsports and want to put together something we can call our own. We would also love to take you in as a new-comer and make you feel part of the family. We meet weekly on Thursday nights in Gerald Thomas Hall Room 194 at 5:00pm. Stop in and introduce yourself and we’ll be more than happy to get you acquainted and caught up with all that’s going on with the current car.

Feel free to contact either our President, Glen Throneberry, or our Faculty Advisor, Ken Ruble, with any question you may have as a potential member.